Balkan Sewer And Water Main Receives a Vendor Score of 95% From HomeServe

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July 5, 2017

by David Balkan

Homeserve 95 Percent Score Balkan Sewer And Water Main

New York, USA (July 5th 2017) FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:

HomeServe and every home repair plan company takes pride in what they do for you. It takes years of training and hard work to achieve the level of expertise for a company to be considered a “trusted” company by homeowners. A big part of a home repair company’s reputation rests on the vendors they choose. Therefore, it is quite an honor when such a highly experienced and trusted company acknowledges one of their vendors.

That is why the Balkan Team is excited to announce that such an honor has been bestowed upon us by HomeServe. In our latest HomeServe report card we received a 95% score. As a licensed plumber, and family operated company, recognition for hard work and dedication in our chosen trade is always appreciated.


HomeServe is a prestigious service repair plan provider with well over 20 years of experience. Although they have an international presence, they protect over two million homeowners in the U.S. and Canada alone.

HomeServe plans protect against the expense and inconvenience of water, sewer, electrical, and another home emergencies. HomeServe grades local contractors to help themselves choose the highest quality vendors. However their ratings system also helps their customers come up with an educated decision about which contractor to choose when a problem arises. They use a contractor scorecard to grade different areas of a business. Some areas that they look at include:

  • response time
  • program participation
  • compliance risk
  • licensing status
  • insurance status
  • jobs completes
  • job cost
  • average number of days it takes to complete a job

The Balkan final HomeServe score was 95/100

The Balkan Team is extremely proud of our company. Likewise, we are proud of our employees who work hard every day to ensure that our customers are satisfied with the job that we have completed for them. Just like any other trusted company, we also pride ourselves on being able to provide exceptional service to all of our customers.

We want to thank all of our thousands of customers who have remained loyal throughout the years. Your loyalty and appreciation were instrumental in helping us achieve this almost perfect score.  Of course, we also want to thank HomeServe for acknowledging the level of hard work and dedication that we put into every job.

If you have any questions, please contact Balkan Sewer And Water Main today.

About Joseph L. Balkan Inc.

Joseph L. Balkan founded our family company in 1952. Since its inception the foundation of the company has been based upon integrity and honesty in all of our dealings. That solid foundation has enabled us to thrive in every economic climate. The year 2017 actually marks our 65th consecutive year in business. As we have grown, we have become increasingly dependent upon a Team First approach. That approach has allowed Team Members to advance to various positions of authority and responsibility. This helps ensure a continuation of our high standards, and overall integrity. Complete client satisfaction has always been the number one goal at Balkan.  That is why we are the most trusted and largest sewer and water main contractor in all of NYC; a position we have held for decades.

About HomeServe USA

At HomeServe USA, our mission is simple: to free our customers from the worry and inconvenience of home emergency repairs. And since 2003 we’ve been doing just that in the USA. We provide homeowners across the country with affordable home emergency repair plans that offer protection from the high costs of repair bills and provide help for home emergency repairs, all with just one phone call.

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David Balkan

David Balkan is the CEO of Balkan Sewer And Water Main, the largest and most trusted service in New York City. David is extremely active in various NYC plumber organizations being the Chairman of the Subsurface Committee in the Master Plumbers Council, and Vice President of the Subsurface Plumbers Association. In addition David’s expertise is respected by officials of New York City agencies such as the NYC DEP, NYC DOB, and the NYC DOT. He frequently provides valuable input on a variety of industry related matters.

Dave Balkan

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