Manhattan Water Line Leak In Financial District Receives Emergency Service

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December 5, 2013

by David Balkan

NYC water main repair

When a Manhattan water line leak occurs there can be multiple issues for a water main contractor to consider. Just such a situation occurred when Murphy’s Tavern, located at 6 Stone Street in the Manhattan financial district, suffered a water line leak. Besides being located in a critical area of Manhattan, it was just before the Thanksgiving Holiday. It was important that work could start promptly and be completed before the holiday weekend. Another factor was that the excavations would have to be made directly in front of the entrance to the tavern, which could potentially create a safety issue for pedestrians and patrons alike.

There were other issues to consider as well. There was an active leak on an old lead water main inside the basement that could worsen without notice and cause property damage. Another issue was that the water main replacement would take three work days to complete. If work hours were limited by the DOT or any other delays occurred the work would not be completed prior to the Thanksgiving Holiday. It was imperative that work be completed prior to the holiday to avoid potential liabilities and lost business for the tavern during a time of known for celebration.

Emergency DOT permit expedites Manhattan water line leak repair

lower manhattan
Map courtesy of Google. Great service courtesy of Balkan

Because there was an active leak inside the building this job qualified for a DOT Emergency Permit. An emergency permit allows for a plumber to secure a DOT work permit electronically but it has strict guidelines. Once an emergency permit is secured work must commence within two hours. Work must also continue non-stop around the clock because once a permittee leaves the site the emergency permit is null and void. Once the site is left a hard copy DOT permit must be received and the terms of the new permit be followed in order for work to continue. While an emergency permit has no stipulations, other than to work safely and keep traffic flowing, a hard copy DOT permit for lower Manhattan typically has very strict work guidelines and restrictions. No matter the circumstances an application for a hard copy DOT permit must be applied for within 48 hours of securing an Emergency Permit.

The NYC DEP is also involved

Besides the DOT permit process, the NYC DEP also had to be notified because a new tap connection was needed on the city water main. Strictly following code, even when an emergency Manhattan water line leak exists, is very important and in the clients best interest. That meant that the new water line would have to be upgraded to the proper size requirements and the new tap connection was also required. All of this had to also be coordinated quickly because a NYC DEP Three Day Notice to repair had been issued due to the leaking water line.

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Balkan works around-the-clock to replace a Manhattan water line

Manhattan water main repair
Balkan Sewer And Water Main working throughout the night

Balkan Sewer And Water Main Service mobilized early on the Tuesday morning of Thanksgiving week under the guidelines of the DOT Emergency Permit. Work commenced with breaking through the hard surfaces of the roadway and sidewalk, followed by the necessary excavations.

As night fell, a replacement crew arrived on site. Working through torrential rain and high winds the night crew worked relentlessly through multiple utility obstacles. By daybreak the new line was installed. and some of the excavations had even been backfilled. Understanding the task at hand means that even inclement weather does not deter the Balkan Team from attending to a Manhattan water line leak.

Around 8AM Wednesday morning, the very day before Thanksgiving, another replacement crew arrived. This crew was coordinated with the DEP to receive the new tap connection and make the final connections to restore the water supply for the tavern. But the job coordination went even further. Balkan in-house cement and roadway paving crews arrived the very same day and permanently restored both the sidewalk cement and the roadway. All debris was also removed from the jobsite, and the entire site was left broom clean.

Manhattan water line leak
Overcoming utility obstructions

The Balkan Sewer And Water Main Service Difference

When you a service provider it is expected that you meet or exceed your clients expectations. When an emergency service is required, such as in the case of water main break, the expectations can be raised. The above jobsite report is indicative of the level of service that the Balkan Team provides. Balkan is always willing to tailor the service it provides to the needs of its clients, or as the particular job requires.

With well over 60 years of providing sewer and water main service to New Yorkers, the Balkan Team is ready to respond to any situation. There is no other NYC water main or sewer contractor that can offer the complete package of the best pricing the NYC plumbing industry, the highest level of service, and use of materials the meet or exceed code requirements. Free on-site visits and free written no-obligation quotes are available seven days a week. There is a reason why more New Yorkers trust Balkan Sewer And Water Main Service than any other New York City licensed plumber.

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