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May 27, 2019

by David Balkan

Clogged Water Main No Water Pressure

Water pressure impacts more daily activities in your home than you probably realize. From taking a relaxing bath, brushing your teeth, to washing dishes. A lack of water pressure can certainly put a damper on your day. If you are faced with no water pressure on any given day, something dramatic may have happened. Fortunately, you may be able to narrow down the problem to one of several causes. Being able to identify the cause of no water pressure will give you a clearer understanding of the issue. Knowing the issue also lets you know how much time and money it may cost to fix. Some good initial advice: If you have a water pressure problem, call the experts at Balkan.

Clogged Water Main No Water Pressure

A Case Study In No Water Pressure

Recently, the Balkan team was called to 119-46 145th Street due to a complete loss of water pressure at the resident’s home. The resident had a blocked tap connection, and a blocked lead water service line. This resulted in no water pressure for three full weeks. Our team upgraded the resident’s lead water line to 1″ K copper. We also arranged for the DEP to upgrade the existing blocked up 1/2″ tap connection to a new 3/4″ tap connection. The resident’s water pressure and water service were finally restored. The entire restoration process took 4 hours, less than 1/2 a day.

What Are The Reasons For Not Having Any Water Pressure?

If you are not getting any water at all, and there is absolutely no water pressure, you will more than likely have interrupted service. No water pressure could be the result of nonpayment of your water utility bill, and the public water company closed your service. More likely, it can be caused by an ongoing construction or a building project that resulted in the water being turned off. You will be able to determine if these reasons are why you have a water pressure problem by calling your local water company. However, the most likely of all causes is a defect with your water inside piping, water service line, of the tap connection on the public water main.

Water Pressure is Low In The Entire House

If your home has water flow that results in water not flowing at the normal amount, you could have a problem between your home and your home’s water meter. It is not common to have a leak in your outdoor water line, but it does happen. If your water supply to your home has a heavy leak due to a pipe being broken, the pressure will definitely be lower. Sometimes you may encounter different colored water, generally brown in color. This is because there is mud generating around the leak, and being sucked into your line. Your water flow can also be weakened if you have a pressure-reducing valve.

no water pressure
An old 1/2″ water tap can be the of a water pressure problem (see old 1/2″ alongside new 3/4″ tap)

Possible culprits if you have suddenly have no water pressure:

  • A blocked tap connection on the City Main
  • The gate inside a main water valve dropped closed
  • Your water service line has sheared / broken disrupting water flow
  • Corrosion has broken loose and clogged a main supply
  • The main public water supply is closed for repair or replacement

You Have A Problem With Only One Faucet

No water pressure in only one of your faucets could be an indicator that you have a problem with an aerator. What is an aerator? An aerator is what protects the end of the faucet where the water is released. If the aerator begins to clog or if it starts looking and feeling rusty, the flow of water can begin to slow down. This will appear as a problem with the water pressure. Fortunately, the aerators are not difficult to remove and clean. A clogged aerator is not an indication of a plumbing issue.

If You Have A Closed Valve

When was the last time you checked your master shutoff valve? Needless to say, your home’s shutoff valve should be open and not closed. If your shutoff valve is partially closed, your water pressure could be greatly impacted. All water valves should be exercised about once a year. In worst case scenarios, a gate inside a gate valve can drop. This will cause no water pressure. All the more reason to do routine valve maintenance

If you have noticed that you have little to low water pressure in your home, you should not hesitate to determine why you are having this problem. The Balkan Team has the experience and the skills to determine the cause of a lack of pressure in your home.

You should not have to go days or weeks without any water pressure. If you have attempted to locate the reason why you have no a pressure problem, and you have not identified the problem, please contact Balkan Sewer And Water Main today. And remember, low water pressure? Call Balkan!

water tap connection
NYC DEP Field Forces installing a new tap connection
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