There Are Potential Diseases Caused By Dirty Water After Fixing A Sewer Issue

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January 3, 2019

by David Balkan

mold remediation

Diseases caused by dirty water are a legitimate concern, yet often overlooked. As a sewer contractor attending to thousands of calls each year, Balkan provides relief from water leaks and sewer clogs. By the same token, Balkan witnesses that homeowners do not typically consider the ramifications of the aftermath of their initial clog or leak. Water itself, and sewer water to a larger degree, pose a residual danger to you and your families health.

diseases caused by dirty water
After the cause of water damage is addressed, potential health concerns still exist

This article is designed to make you abundantly clear of the danger of diseases caused by dirty water. We also mean to point you in the right direction of the best local professional to address such issues, which is CPR Restoration & Cleaning Services.

Addressing an initial water leak or sewer problem

Throughout the boroughs of New York City, the underground plumbing pipe network is arguably one of the most complicated in the country. It takes not only a professional licensed plumber, but a very experienced plumber to understand how the system works. You need a professional who knows how your sewer pipe is designed to connects to the public sewer, and how to prevent plumbing disasters in your house.

The Balkan Team has more than 65 years of experience as a subsurface plumbing company in NYC. Balkan is a uniquely qualified professional, able to handle even the most complex plumbing projects. Whether your issue concerns your sewer or water supply line, Balkan is a wise choice.

CPR Restoration & Cleaning: Balkan’s preferred vendor

Make sure you only work with professionals who not only test for mold, but also do a thorough cleaning in case mold is found. While Balkan is one of the best at inspecting and addressing all possible issues in your plumbing system, CPR is The expert at testing for mold infestation, and remediation as well. Furthermore, CPR can test and remediate an assortment of potential issues in your home. They will make sure you have a clean, healthy, contaminant-free environment for your entire family to enjoy. Furthermore, CPR provides a variety of services for more extreme issues, such fire damage. For all of the above reasons, CPR is the only such service that meets Balkan’s standards, and is freely recommended to its valued clients.

Since 1998, CPR Restoration and Cleaning has been servicing the needs of the Philadelphia area.  With their hard work and dedication, they have been able to expand their services to New York, New Jersey and Delaware.  CPR Restoration and Cleaning employ highly trained staff who will guide you through every step of the recovery of your home or business with respect and compassion.  It is the goal of the company to make an overwhelming situation an easy experience. Contact CPR for more information or to arrange for service.

For immediate and personal service contact Troy Brocco via phone @ 516 992-6841, or via email

Diseases Caused By Dirty Water: Mold and Health Concerns

mold remediation
Proper treatment of mold requires a professional and professional equipment

Mold spreads through airborne spores. Mold can attach to anything, and will stay as long as it occupies something that provides the components it needs to survive. While it is not common that mold grows inside a water supply pipe, it is not entirely impossible. Obvious as it may seem, after you have a leak or sewer backup, the likelihood of a mold issue is multiplied. Just like most living organisms, mold requires water, oxygen, and food to survive. Sewer water provides all the elements for mold to thrive, and your basement provides an ideal environment as well.

The signs of a reaction to mold

Diseases caused by dirty water is not restricted to an immediate event. Mold is the frequent aftermath of a water issue in your home. Pay close attention to the following symptoms. If you come across one or more of them, chances are you have mold in your water:

  • Musty odor
  • Dirt-like substances at the sides of toilet
  • Mold growing in other locations in home; they grow well in paper products, drywall, upholstery, ceiling tiles, and damp places
  • Dirt build-up on the sides of shower

The easiest way to test for mold in water is by using an at-home test kit. To be certain about the result, purchase at least two different test kits and use them to test the same amount of water taken from the same source. It may take up to seven days until you get conclusive results. Having your water tested by a professional is a better option. Important to remember is that mold grows rapidly and has no borders. Meaning it can easily grow from your basement, through to other floors in your home.

Additional information: Diseases caused by dirty water

There are various threats of diseases caused by dirty water. While some, such as mold and bacteria are obvious, other are less obvious and less likely as well. What follows is more helpful information that you as a homeowner may want to know.

The risk of water supply lines being contaminated

Among all places that mold can occupy, water supply lines are not the most ideal. That is because the inside of your water line tends to lack oxygen and organic food. However, the mold can come from the water source itself and spread the fungus to the interior of the pipe. Mold does routinely grow on the spigot portion of each plumbing fixture. Those should be treated on a routine basis. Even a private well with an inadequate cap or seal is at risk of contamination from external sources. If mold ever were to enter your water supply pipe, it can spread and pollute everything in its path.

Molds can be dangerous and benign at the same time. Some people develop no reaction at all. While others may suffer from skin and eye irritations, coughing, nasal stuffiness, and wheezing. Once again, people with compromised immune system are susceptible to more dangerous conditions such as severe lung infections.

The risk of water supply contamination

Regardless of how you get drinking water into the house, its sources are subject to contamination. Rivers, lakes, and private wells basically act as reservoirs. They temporarily collect and store water, so you can use the resource for all possible purposes. Utility companies also take water from the same sources. Utility companies are required to conduct various tests and treatments in accordance to federal government regulations. These tests make sure that the water sent your home service line is indeed free from contaminants. If your water does not come from any utility company (i.e. private wells and direct connection to natural water reservoirs), you are responsible for ensuring water cleanliness and hygiene.

What could contaminate a water supply?

Contamination may happen because of naturally occurring chemicals, such as uranium and arsenic. However the residue of human activities, for examples the use of chemical-based fertilizers and pesticides, can also be a cause. Poor wastewater management including leaks in a sewer, a poorly built septic tank, and installation of incorrect type of pipe for supply line may lead to water contamination as well.

What safeguards your drinking supply?

Rigorous tests on water sources prevent contamination to a very high degree. The problem is that contamination can happen when the water is being distributed to houses through supply pipes. Rust and mold in supply line due to incorrect type of pipe, and connections, are real threats. These threats potentially degrade water quality to the point where it becomes poisonous to drink. Septic tanks and leach fields positioned within inadequate distance from private wells and reservoirs are unacceptable too. Therefore, besides rigorous testing, a strict local plumbing code equally protects your drinking supply.

The effects of contacting or ingesting contaminated water

Ingestion of contaminated water repeatedly, over long period of time, causes some serious medical conditions. These conditions  include, but are not limited to, reproductive problems, gastrointestinal issues, and neurological disorders. Children, elderly, pregnant women, infants, and those whose immune systems are compromised due to chemotherapy or AIDS are the most susceptible to diseases triggered by contamination in drinking water. Bacteria and free-living widely-distributed amoebae can also enter an open wound from contaminated water. You don’t have to drink the water to develop diseases. Even simple contact can create pathway for pathogens to enter the bloodstream and attack your health.

In case you have mold in your water, you may need to check for its infestation in the entire house as well. No matter what type of mold is found, it needs to be removed. Cleaning may involve fixing leaky pipes, ventilating the house even more, controlling humidity levels, and using chemical-based cleaners. To be certain you are free of a health threat, contact a professional. Likewise, do not attempt to use any kind of chemical cleaners without supervision from professionals. Otherwise you may develop toxic fumes inside your house. The same thing applies to your plumbing; cleaning with chemical solutions is not recommended as it can soften and damage the pipe instead.

The threat from a faulty septic system

A poorly designed septic tank causes contamination to ground and surface water in the same way that poor plumbing work affects the water line. Water goes through a definite cycle in the environment. At certain points, the water you use to flush down the toilet will end up as a drinking water coming out of your faucet. While it has always been and will always be true, some people may find it surprising to explicitly figure that out. This is the main reason why you must take good care of your plumbing connections. You should make sure there is no leak or damage that may lead to water contamination from sewer pipe or sewage in general.

Only hire a professional, licensed, and experienced plumbing company. This applies to do both minor and major repair, installation, removal, cleaning, and maintenance of water fixtures and plumbing components. Most importantly in terms of avoiding diseases caused by dirty water, realize that once a sewer or water event occurs inside your home, action needs to be taken.

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