Putting Food In Garbage Disposal Is Okay? Sewer Myth or Fact Video Part 5

Balkan University, Sewer Myth or Fact
February 2, 2021

by David Balkan


Two common sewer myth or fact questions are is if it’s safe putting food in garbage disposal units in your kitchen, and is your main sewer system separate from the other drains in your home. In part 5 of the Balkan sewer or myth video challenge, I’ll try once again to stump Christina. Or will she stump me?

The Main Sewer System Is Separate From Your Other Drains

Dave Balkan: Next sewer truth or myth question. Okay, is the main sewer system is separate from the other drains in your property?

Christina: True.

Dave Balkan: False!

Christina: Why!

Dave Balkan: You have to look at your main sewer system is if it’s a tree trunk. With all the branches, of all the drains, connecting your main sewer system. What you put in one branch, it then affects the truck. So that’s why you always have to be cognizant of that. As a matter of fact, people are mistaken all the time. For instance, when they have a clog, they think the sewer clog is where the water is backing up. That’s just actually the lowest point, because water seeks its own level. Or, the water is coming up there because it’s the point of least resistance. So you can have your toilet backing up, and the clog isn’t in your toilet. It could be many feet away. You can have a shower backing up, because that’s the lowest drain, it’s going to back out of the shower.

Christina: Right.

Dave Balkan: You can have cases where it could be your main sewer line clog 75 feet away. That’s also you should frequently call a professional to take care of blockages.

Christina: That makes sense.

Dave Balkan: Thank you Christina.

Is Putting Food In Garbage Disposal Okay To Do?

Dave Balkan: Sewer truth or myth, it’s another garbage disposal question. All right. You have a garbage disposal. Is it safe and acceptable to place scraps of food into the garbage disposal?

Christina: I think it’s safe. That’s why it’s a garbage disposal.

Dave Balkan: You know; that’s what I thought. But, as I looked into it, you really should avoid doing that. Because you’re correct, that’s what it’s there for. That’s what you’re supposed to use it for. But unfortunately, when a garbage disposal grinds up all these food products and it could be vegetables, meats, you name it, it forms grease. Like even vegetables, there’s oils and grease in them, it’s very bad for your drains. That it’s actually in my opinion better you just throw your food scraps out into the garbage. They decompose, they’re organic, and there’s no reason to really put them down your drain. Just take an extra minute and put your food scraps in the garbage pail. And even though that’s what the garbage disposal supposed to be used for, not a good idea.

Christina: So what do we do if we have a garbage disposal. Just not use it?

Dave Balkan: Yeah, you know, as I look into this, I would have to say kind of, yeah. Because then people tend to put all sorts of things in there because they know it has the blades. They have coffee grounds, very bad, all sorts of things, very bad. Just because garbage disposal grinds it up, it’s still going in your drain, so it can clog up your trap. It can coat your pipes. I would say bad idea.

Christina: Okay. It’s a good tip.

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