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Our expansive warehouse of tools and materials means no waiting for your New York City sewer line replacement.

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Our specialty fleet has all the necessary safety equipment required to ensure a safe underground excavation including traffic cones, personnel barriers, reflective indicators, LED indicators, vehicle-based lighting and warning signs.

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Get your sewer line replaced when you need it with our guaranteed appointment windows and GPS fleet.

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We give an unconditional 10-year guarantee on all sewer line replacements.

Replacing Your Sewer Line 101

As a homeowner, the last thing you want to deal with is a backed-up sewer line, or even worse, a leak. Not only does it smell bad, but it can be a difficult issue to diagnose.

Knowing the most common causes of sewer line damage can help you prevent future issues, and potentially replacing your sewer line.

Common Causes Of Sewer Line Damage

There are plenty of things that may lead to a leaky or damaged sewer lines. These are some of the most common.


Even galvanized steel and cast iron pipes fall victim to corrosion due to the high concentration of calcium and magnesium. Untreated corrosion issues usually leads to leaks and cracks.


Sewer line clogs typically happen when materials other than toilet paper and human waste get flushed down the toilet. Paper towels and other trash don’t properly break down and, in most cases, can’t be fixed with cleaning agents.

Read our article on How To Prevent Fat, Oil, and Grease Clogs In Your Sewer.


Sewer lines can be susceptible to extreme cold with expanding ice causing pipes to rupture.

Tree Roots

Tree roots are constantly searching for water sources and that includes your sewer line. This is particularly true when your sewer line is already leaking.

How Can You Tell If Your Sewer Line Needs Replacing?

There are several signs that point to sewer line damage and potential replacement including draining difficulties throughout the property, foul smells, and water damage.

If you are seeing any of these potential signs of sewer line damage, contact a sewer and water main service immediately.

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Don't just trust anyone with your sewer line replacement! Get timely and professional service with a 10-year guarantee when you go with Balkan.

Sewer Line Replacement Reviews

What Our Customers Are Saying About Our Sewer Main Replacement Service

  • The 5 star rating is not an exaggeration. I had an issue in my basement where my water was pooling in a few areas and there was a smell. Contacted Balkan and got an appointment for the next day. Their communication and updates up until the worker came was phenomenal. Brian got here within the allotted time, had a look around and immediately knew what the issue was. Everything was remedied within an hour.

  • Joseph Balkan Inc was extremely fast in scheduling an appointment. We received text message when the plumber was on his way. Dinesh, the technician had the sewer cleared quickly. My husband Joe said that Dinesh “really knows his stuff”. We will not hesitate to use them again.

  • I met their service guy George their plumber for my pipes, he was awesome, courteous, and professional. He was reasonably priced, Balkan has a great guy in George, I highly recommend this company.

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Sewer Line Resources

Expert Sewer Line Replacement Articles & Videos

A House Sewer Line Has 3 Types: Learn About Sewer Lines

Here's a simple and clear video explaining the 3 types of house sewer lines available for home sewer connections. In NYC septic systems are no longer allowed, so the 3 types of house sewers are dedicated sanitary sewers, combined sewer, and dedicated storm sewers.

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  • We offer a 10-year guarantee on all replacement work
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